Monday, 29 December 2014

Amarachinta, MahabubNager 09-Nov-2014 On the 1th day - Nadipathy™ Free Holistic Health Camp

The gift was given to the nature of this natural therapy. 
Great Succeed Today Camp
 09-Nov-2014 (sun day 1st Day ) 
NADIPATHY Free Holistic Health Camp @ Amarachintha, Mahabubnager.
Today conducted a great Holistic free medical camp for all types Patients by 
Nadipathy Research Foundation Conducts 
on 09th to 23 rd - Nov - 2014 from 9amto5 pm 

Dr. Krishnam Raju founder of Nadipathy, organizing this free medical camp for Public health more than 550+ patients and vips,
Joint Collector and alopathy doctors are visited and special . 

We will treat with following therapies: Acupuncture, Seed Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Marma Therapy, Vedic Therapy Naturopathy System and Leech Therapy, Doctors: Dr.Krishnam Raju,founder of nadipathy, 
Dr .Balu, Dr. Vijaya, Dr. Santosh
Therapists: Mr.Lokesh , Prasad

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