Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Boatclub, Kakinada on 19th Nov 2014 - Nadipathy™ Free Diabetic Holistic Health Camp

The gift was given to the nature of this natural therapy. Great Succeed Today Camp 19-Nov-2014 (Wednesday) NADIPATHY Free Holistic Health Camp @ BOAT CLUB, KAKINADA.
Today conducted a great Holistic free medical camp for Diabetic Patients by Nadipathy Research Foundation and Boat club walkers association @BOAT CLUB, Kakinada on 19th - Nov - 2014 (Wednesday) from 4 pm to 6pm.
Dr. Krishnam Raju founder of Nadipathy, organizing this free medical camp for Public health.
more than 50+ patients and club members are visited and special .
Nadipathy - The first Eco friendly therapeutic treatment is alsays taking its participation, respecting the Nature,Flora and fauna.
Of course We at Nadpathy,always respect,accept,obeys, MOTHER NATURE and strive to streamline and follow the Natures Frindly things with our ancient therapeutic treatments.
We Request you all to serve this information to your near and dear for a good Health to create an Healthy Society.
This camp would continue till 26 th Nov 2014
will treat with following therapies:
Acupuncture, Seed Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Marma Therapy,
Vedic Therapy and Naturopathy System
Doctors: Dr.Krishnam Raju,
Therapists:, Mr.Kishore,

0884 6459111

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