Monday, 29 December 2014

Amarachinta, MahabubNager 12-Nov-2014 On the 4th day - Nadipathy™ Free Holistic Health Camp

Today the 4th day of the active participation of nadipathy free holistic health camp @ amarachinta, mahabubnager, on the 4th day of free nadipathy health camp @ amarchinta, mahbubnagar district there were 350 patients of different ailments had undergone treatment.


Dr .raju's team and other volunteers had a great participation and helping in assisting at the camp. The camp in charge charge dr. Bala subramanyam and the doctors - dr vijaya , dr. Sontosh and therapists mr. Prasad, and mr. Lokesh , were taken the active participation.

In todays camp , the doctors had treated most of the patients who are suffering from eye problems
exclusively there were more than 60 patients got treated.

Nadipathy research foundation chairman dr.raju said in a press note that this system of treatment is first of its kind in the world and requested to convey the message to all your near and dear who are suffering from different ailments.

This camp would continue till 23rd nov 2014

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