Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Chavella, Ranga Reddy district 17th - Nov-2014 On the 1st day - Nadipathy™ Free Holistic Health Camp

Nadipathy Research Foundation - in collaboration with Nivedita foundation is conducting a Free Holistic Health Camp @ Chavalla

Press Report

 ► Free Food           Free Accommodation         Free Treatment ◄

In Today’s camp there were 485 patients participated and a great encouragement by the local people and Nivedita Foundation in assisting the patients.

Majority of the patients are suffering from Diabetis,Arthritis,Hypertension and L4-L5 problems.
In a phone conversation Dr. Raju told that Nadipathy™ Treatment is becoming popular among the urban and rural areas especially where the population is in high volume and Dr. Raju pointed out that this Nadipathy is Eco-Friendly treatment that is first time introduced to the World.

Request you all to serve this information to your near and dear for a good Health to create an Healthy Society.
The First ancient traditional Medicine introduced to the World by Dr.Raju the chairman of Nadipathy Research Foundation  is pleased to conducting a Free Health camp.

Date                             :      Nov - 17th, 18th, 19th

Timings                       : 9am – 5 pm

Venue                           :      Chavalla, Ranga Reddy District.

Camp Co-ordinator      :      Dr. Rama Subrahmanyam
                                            (08885011324, 040 65459111)

Camp Organiser           :      D.saradth reddy
                                            (Health Camp - Organiser)
providing Free Food and Free accommodation to all the patients attending in this camp.
We treat with following therapies in this Free Health – Camp

01 - Acupuncture 
02 - Acupressure                       
03 - Seed therapy   
04 -  Magnet therapy
05 - Detox therapy
06 - Naturopathy
07 - Vedic therapy
08 - Leech therapy
09 - Scrapping
10 - Moxa
11 - Cupping
12 - Nadi Healing

There is a special treatment to Diabetes & Eye problems.

Support & Guidance   D.saradth reddy (Health Camp - Organiser) 

 K.B.M.Prasad  (Camps Co-Ordinator 9030859562)

Nadipathy Camp Incharge - Dr. Rama Subrahmanyam 

Nadipathy Camp Doctors -  Dr.Vijay, Dr. Kalyan 

Staff - Kumar, Bobby.

► Free Food           Free Accommodation         Free Treatment ◄


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