Monday, 29 December 2014

V.Madugula 1st - Nov - 2014 On the 1st day - Nadipathy™ Free Holistic Health Camp

Today on the 1st day of  free nadipathy health  camp @ V.Madugula, Visaka District there were  450 patients of different ailments had undergone treatment.
People of different places attended to this free medical camp. Nadipathy treats past and future health aliments. We treat all health problems without using  any medicines, scanning, & surgeries.
Dr .raju's team and other volunteers had a great participation and helping in assisting at the camp. Nadipathy Free Holistic Health Camp Successfully Completed on – 1st , to 3rd  Nov 2014, V.Madugula, Visaka District, Andhra Pradesh.

Dearest all,
Days are going on with time, and Nature is reining its control by taking its own decision by showing Typhoons,untimely rains, earth quakes and other MOTHER Natures Unbearable pains.

Nadipathy - The first Eco friendly therapeutic treatment is alsays taking its participation, respecting the Nature,Flora and fauna.

Of course We at Nadpathy,always respect,accept,obeys, MOTHER NATURE and strive to streamline and follow the Natures Frindly things with our ancient therapeutic treatments.

In the recent times Nadipathy Research Foundation  were invited to conduct a camp a Nadipathy Free Holistic Health Camp- V-Maadugula -Visakapatnam  area ( 01st Nov to 03rd Nov 2014 ) and we conducted a free health camp along with the support of  Viswa santhi Pyramid Dhanaya Sakthi Kshatram, V. Madugula  group there.

We were really surprised to see that we had treated 450 patients  today ,from all walks of life.
This Nadipathy Camp Supported Doctors Dr. Bala Subramanayam , Dr.P. Vijaya, Dr. kalayan, and Therapest Mr. Babi, Prasad ,
Camp Organisation  T Veera Jagadeswari , and  Mr. Murthi  and family 

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