Monday, 29 December 2014

Amarachinta, MahabubNager 15-Nov-2014 On the 7th day - Nadipathy™ Free Holistic Health Camp



On the 7th day of Free Nadipathy Health camp @ Amarchinta, Mahaboobnagar District there were 556 patients of different ailments had undergone treatment.
Dr .Raj’s team and other volunteers had a great participation and helping in assisting at the camp.
In this free Holistic medical camp  many of  the patients are came from different places to cure all their Health problems. Most of the people are satisfied with this ancient indian treatment @ Nadipathy.

In this free medical camp nadipathy providing wonderful therapies that detoxifies your body as natural healing process.

Media and news papers give great response to public about Nadipathy free holistic Health camp . 
@ Nadipathy™ We LOVE to Treat, and Cure your Past, Present and Future diseases. This Ancient Indian Therapeutic Treatment prevents FUTURE ailments by treating the subtle body.
Nadipathy is First Eco-Friendly treatment without using any medicines and has NO Side effects.

The Camp in charge Dr. Bala subramanyam and the Doctors - Dr Vijay , Dr. Sontosh and 
Therapists Mr . Lokesh, Mr. Prasad Camp (In charge ), And Swarajalakshmi were taken the active participation.

In today’s camp also, the doctors had treated most of the patients of 109 who are suffering from Eye related and Body pains issues and remaining are from different ailments

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