Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Nadipathy awarness Classes @ MHY Training camp under the guidance of Shri Chakravarathi Guriji

Nadipathy Awarness Classes @ MHY Trining 
Camp Under The Guidance Of Shri Chakravarathi Guniji

The Ancient Therapeutic Treatments are taking very prominent role in this New Era of Fully developed Health care World. The true sense of these systems are completely for the UNIVERSAL peace and Mankind.

Yoga the buzz word in the GOOGLE ,America and all the developed Nations is owned and driven by Ancient Indians and followed by Westerners and many parts of the World to cure the incurable ailments/diseases.

As you are all aware that Nadipathy consists of more than 100plus therapies that prevents and cures  by using the Nature Yogic energy by using Mudras and other postures.In this regard Yoga is also one of the top priority in Nadipathy treatment.

In promoting these Ancient Therapies Nadipathy would participate and conducts  free camps associated with any organization in this regard.

The interest and involvement in propmoting Healthy society by Shri Chakravarthi Guriji.is commendable.Today morning there were 100. attended in this Nadipathy awareness camp by MHY and Nadipathy Reseacrh Foundation.

Attendees were amazed the importance of Ancient Treatments particularly Nadipathy withjoput using any medicine.

Ina Press note Dr Raju said Thanks to the efforts made by MHY Shri Chakravarthi Guriji for promoting an Healthy society.


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